A reporter at KRDO in Colorado Springs, Colo., is recovering from a nasty bout of frostbite that he received while attempting a live shot for the station on Saturday night.

Eric Fink appears to have been prepared with cold-weather gear, but needed to remove his gloves to fix equipment, Mediabistro reports:

Fink had been attempting to do a one-man-band late news liveshot, but had problems connecting his camera to the backpack.

According to the insider, Fink told producers at the station he could not resolve the issue without taking his gloves off, but was concerned about exposing his hands to the cold and wind.

Temperatures across Colorado dropped rapidly in the afternoon hours on Saturday as a cold front pushed through the central U.S. The temperature in Colorado Springs dove 10 degrees in one hour — from 30 degrees to 20 degrees — between 4 and 5 p.m.

By  the time Fink headed out for his late night live shot, the actual air temperature would have been just 11 degrees, with a wind chill around 3 degrees.

Mediabistro reports that the station’s reporters have been critical over the lack of weather safety training:

The station–which recently reported on the risks of frostbite from sub-freezing weather–has been criticized by reporters, according to the source, over a lack of safety training regarding extreme weather. “No one was surprised that something bad was going to happen during spot news or weather, we’d just hoped it wouldn’t lead to someone potentially losing fingers as a result.”

Fink tweeted on Wednesday evening that he is recovering: