Nearly any way you cut it, Boston has just ended a record-setting stretch of snow, with 90 percent of this season’s total snowfall having fallen in the past 10 days alone. And there’s still at least another month of winter left.

Since Jan. 24, Boston has logged 47.9 inches of snow. Last Tuesday’s “Blizzard of 2015” brought an incredible 22.1 inches in one day. After a few more inches fell throughout the next week, Monday’s Groundhog Day storm dropped an additional 16.2 inches on the city, bringing the 7-day total to 40.5 inches.

The back-to-back blizzards broke multiple records for snowiest periods in Boston. Monday, Feb. 2, ended the snowiest 5, 7 and 10-day periods for the location since records began there in 1891. As WBZ’s Eric Fisher said on Monday night, Boston “obliterated and buried” the previous 7-day snowfall record by over nine inches.

With 53.4 inches of snow so far this season, Boston is running ten inches above what they typically see in an entire winter, with over a month left of snowfall potential.

Boston snow blitz through Feb. 2

Jan. 27, “Blizzard of 2015” — 22.1 inches (record for the date)
Feb. 2 — 16.2 inches (record for the date)
5-day total — 18.7 inches
7-day total — 40.5 inches (record)
10-day total — 47.9 inches (record)
Season-to-date — 53.4 inches (over average, short of record)

To the west, Worcester, Mass. — with 72.6 inches so far this winter, is just 2 inches shy of their record season-to-date snowfall of 74.6 inches, which was set back in the winter of 2010-2011. Record season-to-date snowfall in Worcester is 74.6 inches, set in the snowy winter of 2010-2011.

On top of the additional snow totals, Monday’s storm also brought a wave of bitterly cold air. Wind chills sank into negative territory across eastern Massachusetts on Monday morning, and the temperature in Boston isn’t likely to surpass the freezing mark for the better part of this week. That means the snow will hang around, as well, as road crews work to get Boston back on its feet.

Nearly 500 snow plows were active in the city of Boston alone on Tuesday morning. According to the City of Boston, road crews have plowed nearly 150,000 miles using 84,000 man-hours so far this winter, and have gone through over 52,000 tons of salt.

But where do you put all the snow? After 50 inches in 10 days, sidewalks are becoming mountains with just narrow paths for foot traffic. Bus shelters are looking more like snow storage facilities. And some good Samaritan (or maybe someone who just needed to make a call) shoveled out the pay phones in Back Bay.

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Boston might be looking at more snow this week with forecast models suggesting another, weaker winter storm passing over the eastern U.S. on Thursday. Though the forecast is still pretty uncertain about this storm, it looks like Boston could see at least a few more inches, with some impact to the Thursday morning commute.