A previous version of this article said that the record snow fell in one day (Tuesday). Instead, it was a record snow depth of 113 cm (44.5 inches).

Lulea, Sweden is wading through the most snow its seen in nearly 50 years this week, when 44.5 inches was measured on Tuesday. The previous record snow depth was 43.7 inches set in 1966.

The city already had more than 30 inches of snow on the ground before Monday and Tuesday’s storm. Mounds of snow over 10 feet tall lined the streets after heavy machinery scooped it off the roads.

Fortunately, Sweden is well-acclimated to winter and equipped to handle the snowy onslaught. The photographer behind this Instagram says it’s the most snow she’s seen in her adult life, but she’s impressed at how well it’s been shoveled.


Sweden’s The Local writes that Lulea isn’t alone in the snow.

Bergnäset recorded its deepest snow fall since 2002, with 110 cm [43.3 inches] measured on Monday, while Gördalen in the Dalarna region currently tops the league with 143 cm [53.6 inches] of snow.

The greatest snow depth record in Sweden ever reported was in 1926, when Kopparåsen in the far north, close to the Norwegian border, measured 327 cm [128.7 inches] of snow.


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