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Photos: Washington, D.C., turns white in first big snowstorm of the season

The Air Force Memorial. (Nathan Jones <a href="">via Flickr</a> )

The clouds are parting and the sun is coming out after a night of snow that did not disappoint Washington area photographers. The mood in D.C. seemed jovial on Monday evening as the snow began to fall, and prospects for a day off grew.

As much as six inches of snow fell across the metro area, but with many in the region taking a snow day, it seems to be little more than a picturesque nuisance. Arguably, the timing of the storm couldn’t have been better, coming at the heels of a long weekend and extending it one more day for government employees and school districts alike.

Photographers captured a tranquil, white National Mall on Monday evening.

Paul Sirajuddin captured beautiful photos of a few types of snowflakes — sectored plates, thin plates, and even dendrites.

People were out on the D.C. streets despite the snow, anticipating a day off of work on Tuesday. Around 9:45 p.m., the Office of Personnel Management announced that federal offices would be closed, and D.C. rejoiced on social media.

The roads were relatively quiet on Tuesday morning, which is probably good since a fair number of them weren’t cleared yet.

D.C. dogs love their snow.

Thanks to everyone who sent us their snow reports!