Jim Cantore is more than the world’s most well-known TV meteorologist — he’s the king of thunder snow. Where Cantore goes, the thunder snow follows.

Now the co-host of The Weather Channel’s AMHQ, Cantore has been with the 24/7 weather network since 1986, covering everything from monster Pacific storms to major hurricanes. But nothing brings out his true, inner weather geek like a blizzard that explodes with thunder.

“It’s kind of like two seasons coming together,” Cantore told the Boston Globe. “When you think about thunderstorms, you don’t think about winter. When its snowing horizontal and its frigid – and it’s like ‘how in the heck is this happening?’,” he said.

Whether it’s just because he’s out there in the elements so much, or because he really is a thunder snow magnet, Cantore has seen it on-air more than any other TV meteorologist. And, always a weather nerd at heart, his reaction is priceless every time.

His very first on-air thunder snow was in Worcester, Mass., in 1996, with a tasseled winter hat covered in ice.

Then there was Harrisburg, Pa., in Oct. 2011, when a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder interrupted an interview.

Before this week, the most popular Cantore-thundersnow encounter was Chicago in 2011, when thunder snow rung out twice and Cantore broke down the “third wall” of TV meteorology, screaming across Michigan Avenue to where then-CNN’s Rob Marciano was covering the blizzard. “Twice in one storm, baby!” he called out.

And then there was Boston.

And Boston.

And Boston.

By the time the blizzard was over, Cantore witnessed thunder snow six times in Plymouth, Mass., on Feb. 15. No doubt that made the hours spent in the frozen New England tundra totally worth it — beardcicles and all.