Flooding from periods of heavy rain in Brazil opened large sinkholes in a road, and prompted a tour to evacuate amid the precarious situation, right before it was swallowed into the sinkhole.

After the bus evacuated, it fell into a sinkhole and was pulled down by the high flood water rushing beneath the road. The tourists were able to capture the incredible video of the the bus as it popped out on the other side of the road, carried away by the surging brown water.

Rain was heavy across many parts of Brazil on Monday, when the flooding occurred. March tends to be the tail-end of Brazil’s summer rainy season as the region transitions into winter. The International Business Times reports that the incident occurred in the state of Para near the cities of Itaituba and Ruropolis. If that’s the case, this might have been overflow flooding from the large Rio Tapajos, which intersects a highway in Itaituba.

Satellite over South America shows strong thunderstorms popping up across Brazil on Monday afternoon and evening. (Weather Underground)