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PHOTOS: Space station views of Super Typhoon Maysak that will blow you away

The International Space Station camera captured the view of Super Typhoon Maysak that continued barreling towards the central Philippines on Wednesday. (Video: The Washington Post)

Terry Virts and Samantha Cristoforetti, American and Italian astronauts aboard the International Space Station, beamed back to Earth some of the most amazing images of a storm ever witnessed.  They’re photographs of Super Typhoon Maysak captured early today (Wednesday) local time and are absolutely breathtaking.

The images spotlight the typhoon’s amazing structure – its perfect symmetry, the texture of its effervescing cloud tops, as well as its unmistakable eye.  Some of the photos allow you to gaze inside the eye and spy on the swirling vortexes within.

Super Typhoon Maysak peak winds on Tuesday reached an estimated 160 mph, making it one of the strongest typhoons to develop so early in the year in the western Pacific.

[Pacific Super Typhoon Maysak among strongest on record so early in the season]

Its peak winds have dropped off modestly today to 150 mph and additional weakening is forecast.  However, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecasts it to hit the northern Philippines as a “significant” typhoon late Saturday into Sunday with peak winds near 100 mph.

Here’s a set of absolutely jaw-dropping images of Maysak from the ISS: