A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: Windy, but quite mild. Even during (thunder?)showers. Washing away the last wintry grime and some pollen.


Today: Showers, thunderstorms possible. Windy. Highs: Near 70.
Tonight: Evening showers/t’storms. Windy. Lows: Upper 40s to mid-50s.
Tomorrow: Very windy but clearing. Highs: Mid-50s to around 60.
Sunday: Sunny, calmer. Highs: 61-68.


Radar loop over the past two hours. Refresh page to update.

Pinning down the exact timing and coverage of today’s rain is tricky. Sure, there’s a decent chance of a dry window, but have an umbrella at the ready. Downpours and even some thunder can’t be ruled out through at least the first half of tonight most likely. Wind continues, but just shifts to a cooler, drier, northwesterly direction by tomorrow. It also picks up tomorrow. Once past a blustery Saturday, the trend is calmer and warmer from Easter Sunday into the workweek ahead.

Today (Friday): Periodic rain showers could possess some moderate rainfall. I think the heaviest comes in the afternoon into evening, but we could see the first waves of rain in the morning. Wider coverage of any rain could break around midday to early afternoon, before more showers roll through. Thunder may be audible, too, in the afternoon especially. Even during break(s), skies are expected to stay mostly cloudy. High temperatures near 70 to low 70s seem fairly attainable, with mid-70s possible should we see longer duration sunshine. If we do see enough lull and/or lengthier breaks in the clouds, we may need to watch for a sneaky risk of a more intense storm or two, as there is a lot of wind energy aloft. The Storm Prediction Center puts us in a “marginal” risk of severe storms today, which means a few of our storms could be close to severe criteria, but damage is not expected. South and southwest winds at the surface are helping pump in warmer air too, gusting toward 25 mph at times. Confidence: Medium-High

[Bob Ryan thinks its time to change the location of our D.C. weather station]

Tonight: Additional surges of showers and periodic heavy rain perhaps mixed with thunder remain likely through the evening. We have a cold front bearing down on the area, but it won’t pass till after midnight. Showers should then taper off, but clouds remain. Winds shift from southwest (gusting around 20 mph) to the northwest at about the same speed, near dawn. That wind shift isn’t in time to chill low temperatures any lower than the upper 40s to mid-50s. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Skies should clear fairly quickly after 8 a.m. There is an outside 20% chance of a lingering morning shower. But if up early, clouds probably shroud much of the sky. It may be difficult to glimpse the partial eclipse of the full moon before 6:30 a.m. Still, it might be worth a try to scan the western horizon for a break in the clouds. Those brisk northwesterly winds around 25 mph—gusting to near 35 mph–continue. Temperatures could pop up to around 60 during the afternoon, with mid-50s being the low end bet for highs. If you’re headed to the Nats pre season game, you’ll certainly want to consider layers, especially if not sitting in the sun. Confidence: Medium

[Cherry blossom update: Are you pumped for peak bloom? We are!]

Tomorrow night: Dwindling wind, out of the west, around 10 mph early-on, but dipping toward 5 mph later at night. Finally. We can thank high pressure for asserting its calming influence over our region. It does take its time doing so, behind our cold front. However, there’s a potential drawback with mostly clear skies and calming winds: falling temperatures. Low temperatures are likely around 32 degrees well outside the Beltway, with downtown staying around the 40 degree mark. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday (Easter): It appears sunrise services should be chilly but with fairly calm (and dry) conditions. Once we get the sun up, we should see almost a 30-degree rise in daytime temperatures! Most of us should enjoy afternoon high temperatures in the 61-68 degree range. Can’t think of much better! It seems like holiday-appropriate weather, agree? Confidence: High

Magnolias starting to bloom in DC. (Joe Flood via Flickr )


Sunday night:  Most stars should be visible, for much of the night. Partly cloudy conditions are possible at times, though. Temperatures get fairly cool outside of the Beltway (upper 30s) but remain somewhat comfortable—even just before dawn–in the mid-40s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

We should stay dry and at least partially sunny on Monday for the Nats regular season home opener. Shower chances we did see previously, have dissipate. Stay tuned for possible tweaks as we get closer. As our next storm approaches the region slowly, it could fling clouds our way as the day wears on; but, pleasant overall, with high temperatures near 70 to mid-70s—especially if sunshine remains plentiful. Confidence: Medium

A fairly cloudy start to Tuesday. Showers so far have at least a 30% chance of occurring, so consider grabbing that small umbrella. If you have a rain jacket, make sure it is lightweight, since temperatures are expected to get to around 70 and into the mid-70s fairly easily. Especially south of town, if we see long duration peeks of sun, we could add a few degrees to this. Confidence: Medium