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Photos: Pink moon turns to blood moon in brief lunar eclipse

Partial lunar eclipse viewed from Dulles Airport on April 4, 2015 ( <a href="">Wayward Photographer via Twitter</a> )

Saturday morning’s “blood moon” lunar eclipse lasted in totality for a mere five minutes – making it the shortest of the century.

Along the East Coast, totality occurred after sunrise, allowing only a partial eclipse view while it was still dark. But from Rockies westward, skywatchers were able to witness April’s “pink” moon turn a magnificent blood red, even if only briefly. (Note: April’s full moon is not actually pink but earned the name since it coincides with spring and the emergence of flowers of that color.)

[Background on Saturday’s ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse]

We’ve gathered some beautiful views of both the partial and fully eclipsed moon as well as the full “pink” moon from our readers and social media…

The blood moon early Saturday morning



Time-lapse video captures a total lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon," which was visible from the U.S. as it dipped into Earth's shadow. (Video: Reuters)

Views of the full pink moon Friday to Sunday