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Deadly Illinois tornado destroyed everything in its path (Photos)

Metal siding is wrapped around a tree and branches are littered with insulation in Fairdale, Ill. (Nancy Loo <a href="" target="_blank">via Twitter</a> )

As damage surveys are ongoing, photos from the northern Illinois towns rocked by severe storms on Thursday night show scenes of utter destruction. At least two large tornadoes leveled homes, ripped apart trees, and sprayed debris across it all.

Rochelle, Kirkland, and Fairdale, Ill., were among the hardest-hit locations in Thursday evening’s storms. The deadly evening produced multiple tornadoes across Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

[Photos, video of Thursday’s violent tornadoes]

According to the AP, a second death has been confirmed in Fairdale, Ill., which was decimated by a large and long-lived tornado.

The tornado that struck Fairdale appears to done at least EF-3 damage, possibly EF-4. Under Friday’s mostly sunny skies, three survey teams from the National Weather Service are investigating the storm paths to officially rate the tornado damage.

Authorities estimated on Friday morning that as many as 18 homes were completely swept from their foundations in Fairdale.