Residents of Northern Virginia are mourning the loss of their popular winter landmark, the Reston snow pile.  The snow pile was located near Plaza America, about a mile west of the Reston Silver Line Station.

Many meteorologists believed the snow pile would last into May, but 80 degree temperatures and bouts of summer-like thunderstorms brought a quick end to the resilient mound of snow. The official date of melt was April 22, 2015.

The Reston snow pile will be best remembered for the joy it brought to others. The snow pile yoga classes were always popular with the public and the snow pile baseball games often went into extra innings. Snow pile parties lasted late into the night and during the snow pile’s final hours, before total melt down, it served as a wonderful golf tee for a driving range across Sunset Hills Road.

I have compiled a few photos that show special moments with the Reston snow pile. It was a magical time. Rest in peace Reston snow pile; we’ll see you next winter!

Last year, the Reston snow pile melted on April 27 which is five days later than it melted this year. Last year, nearby Dulles Airport reported 52.8 inches of snow for the season and this year it reported 36.9 inches of snow. Thus, the snow pile was probably larger last year. Conversely, in 2012, snow piles barely existed in the area due to a lack of snow.

What will next winter bring in the way of snow and snow piles? It’s too early to tell.