A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: UV-shielding clouds at times! (Attempted positive spin). 70s rock the end of the week. Allergies better?


Today: Variably cloudy, warm. Highs: Mid-70s to near 80.
Tonight: Partly to mostly cloudy. Lows: Near 60 to mid-60s.
Tomorrow: Muggy, PM showers & storms possible. Highs: Low-to-mid 80s.
Sunday: Muggy, PM showers & storms possible. Highs: Mid-to-upper 80s.


Satellite loop of clouds over our area. Refresh page to update.

We’ll warm up a little more today, with skies not quite as crystal clear as yesterday. Overall, a great end to the week. Each day this weekend, our mugginess goes up a notch, along with showers/storm chances. Luckily rain chances are mostly isolated to afternoon hours. Next week, we’ll attempt to cool again when a cold front nears and tries to pass through.

Today (Friday): Morning skies could be less cloudy than the afternoon. Humidity is only slowly creeping up, but that shouldn’t create too much sweat in conjunction with mid-to-upper 70s for high temperatures. Perhaps nearer 80 degrees downtown. Southerly breezes around 5-10 mph could feel great! Especially for those doing the Bike to Work Day. Confidence: High

Tonight: Similar to last Friday evening, get outside and… do dining on your own patio if you can! It’s going to be a pleasant fall through the 70s and slowly into the 60s, with pre-dawn low temperatures around 60 (north and west) to mid-60s downtown, and south and east. Southerly breezes may persist around 10 mph during the evening, and around 5 mph after midnight. Skies may be more cloudy than not. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Mugginess we missed you! Summer’s back (no sarcasm) with humidity climbing noticeably, as high temperatures generally end up in the low-to-mid 80s. Showers and storms may begin to pop during the afternoon (30% chance). Overall, skies attempt to remain equally sunny and cloudy throughout the day. Juicy, moisture-laden southwesterly breezes persist around 5-10 mph. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Clouds may dominate our sky. We still have about a 30% chance of a few, isolated showers. Perhaps a thundershower. By just before dawn, low temperatures may hover around 70 downtown, with a few mid-60s possible in the usual “cool spots” around the region. Southwest winds around 5 mph stay steady. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Maybe summer is moving back in, in stages? Another notch or so in mugginess accompanies high temperatures in the mid-maybe-upper 80s. Take it easy. Try to do errands and strenuous activities/exercise before 9 or after 5. But keep that sunscreen around if you can’t avoid peak sun hours. Even with partly sunny skies, there are still ultraviolet rays getting through which can burn you. Afternoon showers/storms (40% chance) could feel somewhat refreshing. Who’s heading to the beach early? Watch traffic coming back, if storms develop it could get snarled. Confidence: Medium

Sunset alignment with front doors of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. (A. Camden Walker; 5/14/15)


Sunday night: Showers should diminish somewhat as we get later and later into the evening, but overall we still have a 30% chance of getting damp. Skies remain mostly cloudy and blanket us from cooling much, which we might not really want or need this time of year. Inside the Beltway, we may hover in the low-to-mid 70s. Hopefully some upper 60s outside of the Beltway. Confidence: Low-Medium

Still moist and probably muggy on Monday. Not sure if a cold front actually can manage to get this far south from New England, so I think high temperatures in at least the mid-80s are likely. Because of the nearby (stalled?) cold front, we have more clouds than sunshine, and a 50% chance of showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon. Confidence: Low

Another chance of storms and/or showers on Tuesday. Muggy-—maybe very muggy-—conditions look likely to accompany the 50/50 chance of rain. High temperatures around 80 to mid-80s seem probable. Clouds may be numerous, just like in midsummer air masses a.k.a. Florida-like. Some cooler and drier air may begin to filter in by late in the day, but especially by Wednesday. Confidence: Low