European model simulation of temperature difference from normal over Northeast Tuesday afternoon (

Poor Boston. It simply cannot seem to escape miserable weather this year. After it’s snowiest winter on record, so-called meteorological summer started with highs in the 40s. “Normal” highs are in the low 70s.

The high in Boston was just 49 Monday and Tuesday this week, matching the coldest June high temperature ever recorded. The last and only other time it was below 50 for a high in Boston in June was on the 5th in 1945, when it was also 49.

Monday and Tuesday also marked the first time Boston had back-to-back record cold days since July 7 and 8, 2005, according to the National Weather Service forecast office in Taunton, Mass.

Finally, this morning, the mercury touched 50, ending a 54 hour streak of June temperatures below 50, the longest on record during the month.

Records in Boston date back to 1872.

This remarkably chilly weather may help keep Boston’s gigantic snow piles around into July.

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An unusually strong high pressure system over southeastern Canada is to blame for the record cold. The clockwise circulation around the high has been transporting cold air from Canada over the chilly Atlantic water and then back over eastern New England (as well as into the Mid-Atlantic, where temperatures are 15 degrees below normal).

GFS model shows cold high pressure system in southeast Canada Tuesday (
GFS model shows cold high pressure system in southeast Canada Tuesday (

This high pressure system is forecast to slide off to the east, allowing milder air to gradually return to the Northeast. But temperatures won’t return to normal until Friday or the weekend.