A line of storms that swept across the D.C. and Baltimore regions last night pushed rainfall totals into and beyond record territory for the month of June.

BWI Airport – Baltimore’s official weather reporting station – logged 0.41″ from the cloudburst, elevating its June total to 9.98″, the most on record for the month. That total is more than 7 inches above the average amount month-to-date. Records have been maintained in Baltimore since 1873.

Reagan National Airport – D.C.’s weather station – picked up 0.48″, boosting its June rainfall total to 9.18″ – more than 6 inches above normal. Washington has clinched at least its 5th wettest June on record (dating back to 1872) with four days to go. Month to date, it is the 3rd wettest June on record.

With 1-3″ of rain forecast between today and the close of the month, Baltimore will extend its record as D.C. moves up the June rankings. With 1″ of rain, it will become the 4th wettest June in D.C., with 2″ the 3rd wettest, and with 2.5″ the second wettest.

D.C. would need to receive nearly 5″ of rain for it become the wettest June on record, which is extremely unlikely. Most likely, June 2015 will close between the 2nd and 4th wettest on record in Washington.

The heaviest rain this month has set up along the I-95 corridor with locations west generally getting less.  Dulles Airport has received  5.48 inches of rain in June, which is 2.13″ above normal, but not among the top 10 wettest.  However, if it picks up 2″ of rain between now and the end of the month, it would earn a place in the top 5 (at no. 5).  Its wettest June on record of 18.19″ occurred in 1972 when Hurricane Agnes came through. That record appears untouchable, this year at least.