On Monday evening, this incredible storm rolled through Las Vegas, pelting the city with heavy ran and strong wind gusts. The photo shows a single strong storm that intensified as it moved east into Las Vegas, eventually pumping out this windy, wet microburst.

The photo from the sky was taken by Paul Hurst during his flight into Vegas. This is what the storm looked like on radar at the time (the airport is in Paradise, south of downtown):

A microburst is a sudden blast of sinking air from the downdraft of a thunderstorm. Once the microburst reaches the ground, the winds spread out in all directions and can cause severe straight-line wind damage. But microbursts actually pose the biggest risk to airplanes, since they can happen suddenly in thunderstorms — and they don’t have to be severe yet before they unleash the burst.

A blanket flash flood warning was issued for the entire city during the storm, which unleashed 0.83 inches of rain in just 15 minutes at one station under the microburst in the photo — a rainfall rate of over 3 inches per hour. Winds at the Las Vegas airport gusted over 40 mph.