(This post, originally posted Friday afternoon, was updated Monday morning)

NOAA, NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have each reported the global warmth of June 2015 matched or exceeded any previous June in historical records. Given the extremely warm months preceding June, 2015 is on track to have its warmest year on record, following the the record warm year of 2014.

Every month in 2015 so far has ranked among the top four warmest, and June joined March and May as having warmth unsurpassed in records dating back to 1880, NOAA said Monday morning.

June 2015 shattered the previous record for warmest June set just last year (2014) by 0.22 degrees (0.12 Celsius). “This was … the fourth highest monthly departure from average for any month on record,” NOAA’s report said. Both land and ocean temperatures set record highs for the month.

The first six months of 2015 marked the warmest first half of the year on record for the globe, 1.53 degrees (0.85 Celsius) above the 20th century average, 0.16 degrees (0.09 Celsius) ahead of 2010, which had the next warmest opening to a year.

“These six warm months combined with the previous six months (four of which were also record warm) to make the period July 2014–June 2015 the warmest 12-month period in the 136-year period of record, surpassing the previous record set just last month (June 2014–May 2015),” NOAA said. “[T]he 10 warmest 12-month periods have all been marked in the past 10 months.”

During June, some of the warmest temperatures with respect to average focused in the Pacific Northwest U.S., northern South America, central to western Africa, and central Asia.

In NASA’s analysis of June global temperatures, 2015 tied 1998 in having the warmest June ever recorded. Every June since 2009 has ranked among the top 10 warmest in its analysis.

Here are the top 10 warmest Junes in NASA’s analysis and the corresponding differences from the (1951-1980) average temperature:

1. 2015, 1998: +1.37F (+0.76C)
3. 2009: +1.22F (+0.68C)
4. 2005 and 2013: +1.21F (+0.67C)
6. 2010 and 2014: +1.19F (+0.66C)
8. 2006 and 2012: +1.15F (+0.64C)
10. 2011: +1.08F (+0.60C)

In Japan’s (JMA) temperature report for June, as in NOAA’s, June 2015 was all alone as the warmest, besting 2014, the previous recordholder. Four of the last six Junes have ranked among the top five warmest in Japan’s analysis.

Here is Japan’s list of the five warmest Junes and the corresponding differences from the (1981-2010) average temperature:

1. 2015: +0.74F (+0.41C)
2. 2014: +0.59F (+0.33C)
3. 2010 and 1998: +0.47F (+0.26C)
5. 2012: +0.40F (+0.22C)

2015 is well on its way to being the warmest on record, thanks to a strengthening El Nino event, which is helping to transfer large amounts of heat from the tropical Pacific all around the world, and especially in the Northern Hemisphere.