A camera mounted to a dashboard in Taiwan captured a truly terrifying encounter with a tornado that spawned from Typhoon Soudelor over the weekend.

Typhoon Soudelor made landfall in Taiwan on Saturday around 5 a.m. local time with sustained winds of 120 mph, the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane. The powerful typhoon blasted the island with 100 mph wind gusts and as much as 50 inches of rain which caused deadly landslides.

The dashcam shows windy, rainy conditions in Tainan, Taiwan, on Sunday as a white minivan pulls out in front of our driver. Debris is already flying through the air overhead. Moments after the white van completes its turn the tornado whips out in front of the dashcam and the van seemingly disappears.

After the tornado spins down the road, a woman appears on the right side of the road, having been tossed into the scene by the violent winds. She reportedly suffered major injuries.

If you’re wondering where the van ended up, you can see it wedged between trees farther down the road.

This is where the white van ended up.

Amid the aftermath in the video, the tornado continues down the road whipping up palm trees and bushes as it goes.

It’s not uncommon for tropical cyclones — hurricanes and typhoons — to spawn tornadoes. They usually occur in the weaker storms, or on the periphery of strong storms, as in the case of this video.

Note: The date on the camera mistakenly reads 2014, though we’ve confirmed with the licensing agency that this did occur on Sunday.