Dust storm photographed south of Phoenix Tuesday ( Mike Olbinski Photography )

A mean and massive dust storm swallowed up parts of the Phoenix area on Tuesday.  In a moment’s time, sun-filled skies turned black as the towering wall of dust, dirt, and sand swept through.

As the mass of earthen debris swelled in the early evening hours, the National Weather Service issued a dust storm warning and motorists were advised to “pull aside, stay alive.”

Photographer Bryan Snider captured spectacular timelapse imagery of the dust storm blanketing areas east and south of downtown Phoenix, including Sky Harbor International Airport.

The dust storm formed from thunderstorms in the region, whose winds fanned out and picked up the dust when they collapsed.  This specific type of dust storm is known as a haboob, Arabic for blasting and drafting.

Haboobs are common in the Arizona desert during the monsoon season, which peaks in the late summer.

Below are some stunning views of this dust storm, that have been posted to social media:

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