A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

9/10: Comfortable 80s. Warm, but in summer it’s divine. Basically, I couldn’t resist awarding my umpteenth “9”!


Today: Sunny, pleasant. Slight breeze. Highs: Mid-to-upper 80s.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Light breeze. Lows: 60s to near 70.
Tomorrow: More sun than clouds. Muggier. Highs: Mid-80s to around 90.
Sunday: Mostly sunny, still muggier. Highs: Upper 80s to low 90s.


Similar to recent weekends this month, The Heat isn’t far away. So please continue to enjoy the next day or two of the tolerable D.C. summertime weather. Today and tomorrow are, yes, still decent days to get outdoors and perform those chores (watering?). Sunday and into next week may not be quite as forgiving. A few mid-90s possible? I do regret that rain chances remain low. Though, that being said… we are keeping a watchful eye on Tropical Storm Erika. Improbable but not impossible that it curves toward our region next week.

Satellite loop of clouds over our area. Refresh page to update.

Today (Friday): Just a few scattered clouds at times. Otherwise, sunny and blue! A slight breeze — it’s quite variable in direction — gives us just a hint of refreshment needed. We get very warm again in the mid-80s, perhaps upper 80s in sunniest of spots south of town. Muggier-feeling dew points above 60 are trying (mostly failing!) to push us back toward summertime humidity levels, but we should be OK a bit longer. Confidence: High

Tonight: Partly cloudy at times. Just a hair more mugginess, but overall it’s August-perfect. Light southerly breezes around 5 mph make it feel good. Low temperatures in the 60s to around 70 (downtown) aren’t much to complain about. It may just not be a slam-dunk open windows night? Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): The air feels more moist and muggy, but honestly not bad just yet. Sun dominates over just a few clouds at times. High temperatures do try to make it back into the summery zone, with mid-80s north/west of town to around 90 in many other spots. There is only a slight chance our dew point readings get into the mid-60s, so let’s focus more on the slight southerly breeze keeping us tolerably refreshed! Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: The air really starts to feel a bit heavier. Be sure to check out the rising of the full moon as we should have clear sky! Muggy overnight readings around 70 to mid-70s (downtown) for pre-dawn low temperatures won’t feel great. Light southeast wind around 5 mph may not help it feel much better, unfortunately. But we have had a good run, eh? Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: Time to find your local water feature (natural or manmade!) for a cool-off. High temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s combine with true mugginess. Skies should be more clear than not, so be sure to wear that sunscreen and find some shade periodically. We may not even have a light breeze to assist in needed refreshment. I can’t totally rule out a late-day storm sneaking in from the southwest but it doesn’t seem too likely. Confidence: Medium-High

“Was a beautiful evening in Loudoun County!” – by Jennifer Smirnoff, August 21, 2015 (from our Facebook page).


Sunday night: There could be some clouds around. Sorry stargazers. It’s fairly muggy, too. So even if overnight low temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s aren’t as terrible as we’ve seen previously this summer, it surely won’t be comfortable. An A/C night for many. Confidence: Medium

Into the mugginess we go, regardless of whether Erika approaches anywhere near our region. Humidity is accompanied by increasing heat for Monday and Tuesday. High temperatures in the 90-95 degree range appear possible, along with warm overnight temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s for most of us. We’ll probably want some rainy cool downs. Monday might offer the best chance but it’s only about 30%. Tuesday wants to be dry, but maybe a small shower chance there as well. Stay tuned for any tweaks, especially if any moisture from Erika wants to try to work this way. Confidence: Low-Medium