We were treated to a fine autumn day despite some cloudiness at times. Those clouds were caused by cold air aloft mixing with “warmth” at the surface. They were mainly focused north of the city. Highs largely in the mid-and-upper 60s are pretty close to normal, a trend we continue with into tomorrow. Other than perhaps grabbing a light coat at night or early in the day, weather worries remain few and far between for now.

Through Tonight: The puffy fair-weather cumulus clouds of today tend to dwindle as we lose heating while heading into and through the evening. Skies end up mostly clear overnight and that helps temperatures drop to seasonably cool readings in the mid-40s for the chilliest suburbs to the low 50s downtown. Northwest winds around 5-10 mph during the evening become light near or after midnight.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It’s another one of fall’s finest as mostly sunny skies combine with minimal winds to create a dazzling day. We may see a few clouds float by at times, but nothing remarkable. Highs rise mainly to the mid-and-upper 60s. Winds are from the northwest and west around 5-10 mph with some higher gusts.

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First blanket of snow in Germany: A wintry chill took over much of Germany on Wednesday, with temperatures falling as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of the country.