Waterfront park in Georgetown. (Joe Flood via Flickr)

Despite abundant cloudcover, highs rose to near or above normal values mostly in the mid-60s this afternoon. Some more sun would be nice (especially in the evening!) but this is low-complaint type of weather for sure. It gets better heading through tonight and into tomorrow as well.

Through Tonight: Since many of us will be leaving or thinking of leaving work around sunset at 5:06 p.m., you may want to give a glance west as the edge of the clouds isn’t far off. Worth a sunset watch? Clouds tend to thin heading through the evening, but there are still patches pretty far west, so it may take most of the night to entirely lose them. We’ve got a pretty big range in overnight lows, with low 40s to near 40 in the coldest suburbs north and west to around 50 in D.C. Safe to say most spots are in the 40s at sunrise.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): If we haven’t fully kicked the clouds by sunrise, they’re out of here pretty quick in the morning. It’s a November stunner, if you like warm weather this time of year at least! Highs head well above average, toward the near 70 to mid-70s range across the region. And there’s more of that ahead afterward. Winds are light and variable.

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Wave clouds: If you looked up today, you might have noticed some “tubular” clouds intermixed in the general overcast. The features seen are commonly referred to as wave clouds, or mountain waves. It’s a type of gravity wave.

Seeing these clouds on satellite — they’re fairly common around here thanks to the Appalachian chain — is usually a good sign of turbulence in the atmosphere. Today’s were likely enhanced by a jet stream wind maximum passing through the region.

Wave clouds on satellite. (College of Dupage)

And sure enough, there was a patch of at least moderate turbulence across the Mid-Atlantic this afternoon.

Pilot reports of turbulence this afternoon. (aviationweather.gov)