A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: Watch for morning fog. Muggy. Windy warmth feels exhilarating albeit unseasonable and record challenging.


Today: Fog early, then partly cloudy. Highs: Mid-70s to near 80.
Tonight: Overcast. Showers possible. Lows: Mid-50s to around 60.
Tomorrow: Cloudy, cooler, showers. Slight breeze. Upper 50s to low 60s.
Sunday: Sunny, light breeze, autumnal. Highs: Mid-to-upper 50s.


Shorts weather of today turns into umbrella and coat weather as we progress through the weekend. With enough sunshine, we could eke out record warmth today, before cloudy, showery, and cooler conditions take over tomorrow. At least Sunday promises sunny autumnal glory. We have something to look forward to, although it is a bit of a roller coaster weekend, one could argue. Slightly warmer conditions are possible as we start the workweek.

Satellite loop of clouds over our area. Refresh page to update.

Today (Friday): Morning fog, with locally dense patches, should burn off by mid-morning, allowing some breaks in the clouds. 80 degrees here or there can’t be ruled out during the afternoon, with (muggy!) mid-to-upper 70s for most of us. Air mass transport from the Gulf of Mexico sponsored by southwest winds gusting around 20 mph at times. FYI, record highs of 78 at Reagan National and Dulles (from 1948 and 1994 respectively) are 77 at BWI (from 2005) are certainly in play, but we’re not guaranteed we match or top them. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: An approaching cold front leads to overcast skies and a few light showers (stray thundershower?) but rain amounts remain light. Overall about a 50% chance of raindrops, particularly late at night. Keep the umbrella around, just in case. Southwest winds around 10 mph turn to the northwest in the early morning hours, allowing some drier air to start pushing out the mugginess. Low temperatures bottom out around 60 downtown, with a few mid-50s outside the Beltway. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Drier air is great, but overcast skies are not. The cold front lingers over us. Another surge of moisture may move up along it from the south. Showers (50% chance) and clouds are possible all day. Only a couple could be briefly moderate. South of town may be the wettest. Cool air is filtering in on northwesterly breezes near 10 mph–so our temperatures don’t move much from the morning’s pre-dawn temperatures– perhaps upper 50s to low 60s are possible by afternoon. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Most clouds and showers (20% chance) should, finally, push off to the east by late evening. Clearing skies means cooler low temperatures this time of year, thanks to plenty of nighttime during which the atmosphere cools readily. Upper 30s in the typical cool spots outside the Beltway are possible, with mid-40s inside the Beltway. Northwest breezes around 5-10 mph can’t be ruled out. Jackets, light coats, or sweatshirts all sound potentially appropriate. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: This one lives up to its name this weekend, thankfully. Likely clear skies for our “early” sunrise (getting used to it?) and ever-shortening days are most welcome. Autumn weather arguably at its best with light breezes and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. Run well if participating in the Bay Bridge 10K. Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night: Looking clear! Stars should sparkle. But lack of insulating clouds thereby allows heat to escape relatively easily from the ground, cooling effectively, especially if winds stay calm as expected. Pre-dawn low temperatures in the 30s may be region-wide. There’s a chance downtown hovers around 40 degrees. Confidence: Medium

Upper 50s to mid-60s are the temperature regime for Monday into Tuesday. Clouds begin to slowly move in on Monday with shower chances rising overnight and into Tuesday (about 30% chance). We’ll see how fast clouds move in on Monday and whether they hang tough all day Tuesday. It’s probably a little warmer Tuesday than Monday. Stay tuned for a few-degree temperature tweak as we get closer. Confidence: Low-Medium