A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: After some patchy AM fog, it may get a bit warm for late November. Still, uneventful & pleasant is A-OK!


Today: Patchy fog early, then rather sunny. Highs: 63-69.
Tonight: Clouding over. Slight breeze. Lows: Upper 40s to Low 50s.
Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Showers possible by afternoon. Highs: 60s.
Sunday: Showers, clouds. Highs: 50s.


Cash in and stock up, sunshine is going fast! It may be out of stock for the weekend, as shower chances move in tomorrow. Chillier air also arrives to accompany some of the intermittent dampness for Sunday. Temperatures continue their downward trajectory into the start of the workweek, but at least we may see lengthier moments of sunshine by then. Enjoy today while we have it!

Today (Friday): Early shoppers may have some fog to contend with until perhaps mid-morning, but it’s hard to complain about much else. Temperatures warm quickly into the 63-69 degree range as sun tries to dominate the afternoon. 70 degrees not impossible, especially well south of town in the sunniest of spots. A southerly breeze between 5-10 mph reinforces the warmth! This one’s on the edge of Nice Day in spots perhaps, but we don’t get many opportunities to use it this time of year — so why not. Confidence: High

Tonight: Clouds start dominating but it stays otherwise pleasant and dry. Southerly winds are light around 5 mph and shift toward the west nearer dawn, when low temperatures bottom out in the upper 40s to low 50s. Take part in the multitude of holiday activities ranging from the National ZooLights, to Reston festivities, to the Alexandria tree lighting, and more! Consider exploring while the weather is comfortable and calm. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one may not be the best for outdoor activities with clouds and showers around, though there are some hints the day ends up passable. Highest chance of getting wet is looking most likely for the afternoon hours, with about a 30% risk of such. Most areas should see only a few light, brief showers. High temperatures warm into the 60s, or a few degrees cooler than today thanks to clouds. If fewer clouds, it could be about as warm as today. A north breeze around 5 mph will keep it from feeling truly balmy though. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Chances of getting wet in a brief shower increase to about 50/50. North-northeasterly breezes continue around 5 mph, bringing in cooler air. It’s chilly, but the cloudy skies help insulate us somewhat. Pre-dawn low temperatures are in the mid-40s downtown, and low 40s are probable outside of the Beltway. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Shower chances continue to stay about the 40-50% zone. Still, they should be light and brief. Clouds hang tough, overall. Temperatures remain muted with the lack of sun, combined with a light northerly breeze, ranging across the 50s most spots. Perhaps 60 or higher if there’s no rain at all. It’s these cloudy weekends during the shortest days of the year that make me yearn for vitamin D! Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: It’s mostly cloudy, still, but at least showers (30% chance) gradually taper off. Drier air starts its attempt to win the battle against the intermittent rain. Low temperatures may cool into the mid-30s (clearest of spots outside the Beltway) to the lower 40s downtown. Feeling more like November again! Confidence: Medium

Sunshine makes a cameo before rain chances increase Monday into Tuesday. As clouds also increase yet again on Monday, our high temperatures may stall in the mid-to-upper 40s. Lower 50s are possible if rain (30% chance) can hold off until late afternoon. Rain is more likely (60% chance or so) on Tuesday but at least a slight southerly breeze gets most of us to the 50-degree mark, if not mid-50s. Umbrella and raincoat weather certainly looks possible for the start to our workweek. Confidence: Low-Medium