The autumn cherry blossoms have been blooming on the National Mall since November.(gypsybug via Flickr)

We don’t have to tell you — it’s been an exceptionally warm December. Highs in D.C. have exceeded 50 degrees every day this month except for two, and last weekend we saw highs in the 70s. Overnight lows have not hit the freezing mark, and since Dec. 10, they’ve all been above 40 degrees.

It’s no wonder the flowers are confused.

When we wrote about the autumn-blooming cherry blossoms in November, we were impressed. But it was a very warm month– the second warmest November since 2000 — and it’s not uncommon to get a big second bloom on this species during a particularly mild fall. But to have them last so far into December is a little more surprising.

[More exceptional warmth on the way for Eastern U.S. next week]

But it’s not just the cherry blossoms these days — it’s the roses, the irises, the azaleas and even the vegetables(!) that are making this month feel like the twilight zone. The bees and butterflies are out pollinating and there are little green leaf buds on some of our bushes and trees.

At Reagan National Airport, D.C.’s official climate monitoring station, the average temperature through Dec. 14 was 50 degrees, more than eight degrees above average. The record warmest December was 45.6 degrees, which was tied between 1889 and 1984. Even with the weekend cool-down,this month will challenge that record thanks to the very warm head-start and the potentially extreme temperature rebound next week.

The roses

(Dennis Dimick via Flickr)

(Joe Flood via Flickr)

A rosebud in December.

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December roses. #dc #capitalweather

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The irises

my #december #city #iris seen on #Harvard st NW

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The vegetables

The azaleas

The clematis

Not quite in bloom yet, but close.

The cherry blossoms

Of course.

(John Sonderman via Flickr)

(Angela Pan via Flickr)

(Joe Flood via Flickr)

DC's cherry blossoms blooming in December #thanksglobalwarming

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