A word of caution: This video is a TV blooper reel, so (naturally) there is some particularly foul language used — albeit accidentally.

When you’re delivering the weather on live TV every day — 365 days a year — there’s bound to be some goofs. This blooper reel rounds up some of the best (and worst!) weather bloopers of 2015. Because who doesn’t love to watch meteorologists laugh until they cry on live TV?

Bring on the bloopers!

There was the time when someone threw a baseball at the chroma key wall at Fox59 in Indianapolis, ripping straight through the green screen. “I told you not to throw it,” scolds Jim O’Brien. “Can you see that? That is a hole in the wall.”

“Get the duct tape,” someone says off-camera.

There are also times when your weather data is simply not cooperating. It’s even been known to happen to us on occasion. But Cory McCloskey at Fox10 in Phoenix handles it about as well as you could hope.

“1,270 degrees in Ahwatukee,” McCloskey calmly reports. “I’m not your dad, but I would get out while you still can. I think steel boils at this temperature.”

My personal favorite is when poor Maria Genero at WGRZ in Buffalo, N.Y., just wanted to talk about how beautiful the sunset was last night. “Its just so beautiful going from the dark all the way to the orange, it’s like — aw, it’s so nice,” Genero says.

“Yeah, I agree,” says news anchor John Beard. “And being over 50 helps, too.” [Long pause.]

And of course there are plenty of anchors who don’t know they are live, chroma key mishaps, cameras that seem to have a mind of their own and even a playful beagle that wants nothing more than to play fetch with the weather anchor while he’s giving his report.

Washington’s own Erica Grow, Mike Thomas and Brian van de Graaff all make appearances in the reel.

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