It definitely felt like January out there today, but as with most cold days of late, it was only a little below average. Highs that mostly made it to around 40 felt considerably chillier thanks to the gusty wind. At least the sunshine was nice! It’s a cold night and slightly milder tomorrow before the next front swings through.

Through Tonight: Skies remain rather clear headed into the evening, although you may begin to notice some higher clouds moving in over the next few hours. Those clouds eventually thicken up a bit, leaving us partly cloudy or even trending mostly cloudy by sunrise. We see enough calming of the winds and enough clear skies to help temperatures drop a good deal. Lows range from near 20 in the coldest suburbs to perhaps the upper 20s downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Clouds continue to increase during the morning, leaving us mostly cloudy rather fast. As a clipper system passes by to the north, the day is spent in southerly flow that helps warm us up a smidge compared to today. Highs are mostly in the mid-to-upper 40s. A few sprinkles or showers are possible as soon as the afternoon. This light/scattered stuff may turn over to snow before it ends. A brief snow squall may also blow through as the front itself passes during the evening, and that seems it would come near or after sunset. Given the mild temperatures of the day it’s unlikely this has much if any impact, but a dusting is possible in spots.

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Coldest time of the year: Tomorrow, D.C.’s average temperatures are 43 for a high and 28 for a low. That’s the coldest they get annually per current normals. The 43/28 stretch lasts until January 24, when the high temperature rises to 44. It’s a slow rise for a while, but coupled with the increased daylight (there’s now almost 20 minutes more in the evening than at minimum!), the signs of turning the corner on winter (winter?!) are growing.