We have a long-standing history at the Capital Weather Gang of naming the biggest winter storms in Washington, D.C. The most notable named storms were Snowmageddon in Feb. 2010; Commutageddon in Jan. 2011; and Snowquester in March 2013.

With 12 to 20 inches expected in the immediate D.C. metro this weekend, it’s time to give this thing a name. We’ve already fielded numerous requests to name it, alongside some ridiculous suggestions. No, we will not be naming this storm “Snow Wars: The Winter Awakens.” But “Snowzilla” has a nice ring to it.

In order for this to work you have to suggest something in the comments, or start up a conversation on Twitter or Facebook. We will narrow down the choices into a poll that will be posted tomorrow.

Put on your creative hats, and happy naming!

D.C. has earned a reputation for freaking out about snow. But these five snowstorms proved to be worthy of the frenzy they caused. (Claritza Jimenez/The Washington Post)