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10 Snowzilla timelapse videos that will make you go ‘roar’

D.C. area residents congregated at Franklin Square for a brief snowball fight Friday night, before the heavier snowfall. (Video: The Washington Post)

There’s something satisfying about watching a timelapse video of accumulating snow. It mushrooms by a magnitude in mere seconds, like marshmallows in a microwave.

Here, we offer 10 satisfying opportunities to relive the blizzard.

First, a long timelapse of the snow piling up in Woodley Park, where 22 inches of snow fell. Neighbors greet each other on snowy walks. Dogs romp in the fluff. The residential intersection even gets treated to a few passes with a plow. When the sun rises on Sunday morning, cars are buried in drifts.

In Cleveland Park, snow builds on the ground and icicles slowly form on the gutters. The Capital Weather Gang’s Ian Livingston measured 23.75 inches in Cleveland Park as the storm was coming to a close.

A pretty Capitol Hill timelapse with twinkle lights, that shows how it didn’t get really bad in D.C. until Saturday afternoon. The closest measurement to Capitol Hill we have is the White House, which reported 22 inches.

A phenomenal timelapse video of how one D.C.-area family experienced the storm not just during but after, by Andrew Albosta.

In Ashburn, Va., the snow comes down and then the shovels come out. 33 inches was the total in Ashburn.

Check out my awesome 52 hour timelapse of #blizzard2016 #ashburnva

Posted by Jamie Musson on Sunday, January 24, 2016

A ton of snow out in Oakton, Va. Two feet of snow was reported to the National Weather Service in Oakton, Va.

Cars are buried in Arcola, Va:

Porch furniture disappears in Brambleton, Va.

Holiday lights make the blizzard more bearable in Silver Spring. 23 to 25 inches of snow was reported in Silver Spring, Md.

Front yard trees sag under the weight of the snow in Fairfax, Va., where around 24 inches of snow fell.