9:35 a.m. update: Scattered snow showers are dashing through the region, the heaviest north of the Beltway in Montgomery County. Some graupel (rimed snow pellets) and even some rain is mixed in with some of this activity. A quick dusting to coating is possible in the heaviest action, mainly north of the city. All of this should clear the area by late morning or around noon.

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A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

6/10: Slightly unsettled weather day but flurries and wind aren’t a blizzard by any means. Just bundle up!


Today: AM flurries? Clearer PM. Breezy. Highs: Upper 30s to low 40s.
Tonight: Clearing, calming wind overnight. Lows: 20s.
Tomorrow: Mostly to partly sunny. Highs: Mid-40s to near 50.
Sunday: Mostly sunny, light breeze. Highs: Mid-50s.


Before our upcoming warm-up, which should fully melt our region by mid-week next week, we have one last Arctic insurgency today. Bundle up in the increasing wind, enjoy the flurries if you are a snow lover. Ahead, it’s looking warmer and calmer in the days to come.

Today (Friday): Fairly brief flurries or a quick-hitting snow shower are possible mainly between about 7 a.m. and noon, but the disturbance causing them should speed away with little to no accumulation the most likely scenario. Overall, we are variably cloudy and somewhat windy, with occasional northwesterly gusts to 30 mph in the afternoon. Let’s call this a last gasp (for a while) attempt at Canadian cold air infiltrating our region. High temperatures may briefly (midday?) make it into the upper 30s to low 40s but dress for the wind chill which feels at or below the 32F freezing mark. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Northwest winds slowly, slowly diminish toward 5 mph or so, by dawn. Black ice may form, so be cautious. Our snow cover does its thing and chills our very lowest layer of the atmosphere where we reside. Areas outside the Beltway may see temperatures near 20, while downtown is probably closer to upper 20s. This effective loss of heat at the surface also hinges on skies remaining mostly clear, which seems a decent bet for now. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one starts cold but we feel sunshine and thawing conditions for the day. Southwesterly winds near 10 mph should help boost high temperatures into the mid-40s to perhaps… can’t rule out… 50 degrees. Still, dress in layers because, with snow and breezes around, it won’t always feel completely comfortable. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Skies are partly cloudy with southwesterly breezes continuing around 5-10 mph. Low temperatures should stay above freezing in many locations but cold spots can’t be deemed a freeze-free certainty. As always, with temperatures around 32 degrees, black ice is possible. Our regional low temperatures should range in the 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday: Our thaw continues full force as high temperatures may reach the low-to-mid 50s. The more snow-barren areas may perhaps eye the 60-degree mark—well south of town. Skies should remain mostly sunny with a light southerly breeze continuing our warm fetch. Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night: A few clouds are possible from time to time. They may help act as an insulating blanket, slightly, in addition to light breezes perhaps stirring up the atmosphere sufficiently—we should be able to remain well above freezing to continue our melt. Most of the area should stay into the upper 30s to lower 40s. Confidence: Medium

Southerly breezes really start pumping in the mild air on Monday into Tuesday. High temperatures in the mid-50s to over 60 appear likely. More sun than clouds, for the most part. This really should be the death knell for the vast majority of snow, outside of those giant man-made piles dotting the region. Try to enjoy the thaw and your mobility to walk, ride, run–wherever! Confidence: Medium-High

A daily assessment of the potential for at least 1 inch of snow in the next week, on a 0-10 scale.

1/10 (→): Warmer air into the coming week makes any Friday morning flurry action the last flakes for a while.