The National Weather Service has confirmed at least eight tornadoes touched down in southern and southeastern Virginia during Wednesday’s rare February outbreak.

The Weather Service forecast office in Blacksburg, serving southwest Va., confirmed one tornado, which killed a man in Appomattox County. The office in Wakefield, serving southeast Va., confirmed seven twisters, including the Waverly tornado blamed for three deaths.

The Waverly tornado was rated a 1 on the 0-5 Enhanced Fujita scale, while the Appomattox County storm was rated a 3.

The Appomattox County tornado carved out a 13 mile path and was as wide as 400 yards. It damaged 100 homes and structures, the Weather Service said. The Waverly twister was on the ground for 9 miles with a maximum width of 300 yards. It destroyed two mobile homes and damaged numerous homes and businesses.

A second EF-3 tornado, which touched down in Essex County, injured about 25 people. This tornado may have packed 140 mph winds and grown as wide as 500 yards. It destroyed three modular homes.

The EF-3 tornadoes were the strongest to hit Virginia since April 2011 and the tornado fatalities that occurred were the first in the state during the month of February on record, according to the Twitter feed @USTornadoes.