This sprawling two story snow pile currently encases several trees and is located near one of the busiest shopping centers in the Washington area. Have you seen it during your shopping trips?  Where is it located?  Why is this snow pile so large? Drum roll, please…

This jumbo snow pile is located in the strip mall capital of Northern Virginia — Fair Lakes. It was created by clearing a large parking garage of snow that fell during the historic Blizzard of 2016, aka Snowzilla.

It takes a big snowstorm to create big snow piles. Even with four weeks of mild weather, flooding rainstorms, and a round of severe thunderstorms, this snow pile remains HUGE. Might it survive through March?

The Fairfax Corner snow pile

Fairfax Corner is located near Fair Lakes and it is has many restaurants, stores, and a large theater. And like Fair Lakes, it also has a big snow pile.

The Fairfax Corner snow pile was dumped into a pond, however, and it faces south with no shade. It is not as large as the Fair Lakes snow pile (which faces north with shade) but I bet several weeks ago it was much larger.  The exposure to the sun, the southerly winds, and the pond’s water has taken its toll.  I have included two photos of the unfortunate Fairfax Corner snow pile below.

The Reston Town Center vs. Fairfax Towne Center snow piles

As expected, both Reston Town Center and Fairfax Towne Center both have big snow piles.

The Reston Town Center snow piles are fairly clean, the type of snow piles that supports a good snoga class, while the Fairfax Town Center snow piles have a little more dirt and debris.

Actually, both snow piles are kind of gross. Check out the photos below to compare and judge for yourself.

Whole Foods snow piles

The snow piles in the Whole Foods parking lot in Fair Lakes look a lot like any other snow pile but I was told that they are environmentally friendly, free-range snow piles.  Who would have known?

A photo of a Whole Foods snow pile is below.

Snow pile shapes and sizes

The warm weather and flash floods took their toll on the once large snow piles carving them into various shapes that resemble bridges, canyons, and caves.

A few photos are below.

Parting shots

Below are two more views of the huge Fair Lakes snow pile, photographed from the upper deck of the parking garage and ground level.  Do you know of any other large snow piles?  Have you found a snow pile larger than the Fair Lakes pile?  Let us know.

More snow piles…