Thunderstorms erupted over north Texas on Monday, some boiling over 50,000 feet into the atmosphere. Enormous hailstones, bigger than baseballs, grew within these towering storms and their violent vertical winds.

The hail bombarded homes and cars, causing extensive damage in Wylie, Tex., which is about 30 miles northeast of Dallas.

“House after house was pummeled,” reports the CBS affiliate serving Dallas. “Roofs and skylights, damaged by storms just a couple of weeks ago, were hammered again.”

The National Weather Service in Ft. Worth logged a report of a hailstone 4.25 inches in diameter and more than 20 reports of hail bigger than two inches across.

In the video below, a new homeowner records the assault in disbelief while the hail shatters her home’s windows and batters its siding and gutters:

Cars also took a massive beating.

Here are more photos and video from this destructive and costly hailstorm: