Apparently meteorology is the least creepy profession. (iStock)

We’re pleased about this one.

For whatever reason, psychologists at Knox College in Illinois did a survey on creepiness, and apparently people think that meteorology is the least creepy occupation. Unsurprisingly, clowns are the biggest creepers.

The study is literally called “On the Nature of Creepiness,” and it has some of the most genuine real talk I’ve ever seen in a journal article. Like, what is a creeper? It’s not someone who is “terrifying,” or “disgusting.” So what is it? As it turns out, no other study has sought to actually define it before. You are reading groundbreaking science here, folks.

“The feeling of being creeped out is unpleasant,” the authors write. “It would be considered rude and embarrassing to run away from an odd person who has done nothing overtly threatening, but, on the other hand, it could be perilous to ignore your intuition and remain in an interaction that is dangerous. This ambivalence leaves you frozen in place, wallowing in unease.”

Nail on the head, guys. I feel creeped out just reading that description.

Over 1,000 respondents were asked to rank occupations on a scale of one to five, where “1” meant that the occupation is not creepy at all, and “5” is very creepy.

I’m not going to lie here — I was a little surprised that we ranked at the bottom of this list. Less creepy than doctors? Teachers? Actors? I know plenty of creepy meteorologists.

It’s safe to assume people were thinking of TV meteorologists — the friendly forecasters who appear in people’s living rooms every evening to deliver weather. That faction of the profession is decidedly un-creepy, especially when you look at the ways respondents described creepy behavior:

The person stood too close
The person had greasy hair
The person had a peculiar smile
The person had bulging eyes
The person had long fingers
The person had unkempt hair
The person had very pale skin
The person had bags under his or her eyes
The person laughed at unpredictable times
The person was dressed oddly
The person licked his or her lips frequently
The person was wearing dirty clothes
The person laughed at unpredictable times

Meteorology is a scientific profession, and scientists can have a somewhat awkward demeanor. My guess is if you posed the question to other meteorologists, the occupation would land a little bit higher on the list.

But surely not higher than clowns.