For almost 10 days now, the sun has been MIA. Measurable rain has fallen on nine straight days, and the streak should extend through Saturday, at least.

This miserable weather pattern does not wish to relent. We may see brief sunny periods this weekend, but the outlook is no longer as rosy as it once was.

And next week, forecast models are advertising more unsettled weather.

As we discussed several days ago, the reason for the cloudy, wet weather is pretty straightforward: The storm track has fixed itself directly over the Mid-Atlantic.

At the moment, the jet stream — along which storms track — is diving south straight through the region. A disturbance is riding along it that is responsible for the wet weather expected through at least Friday.

A pool of cold air associated with this disturbance has actually produced snow (on May 5!) in the highest elevations of West Virginia (around Snowshoe) and North Carolina (on Mount Mitchell).

The somewhat discouraging news is that some models are showing this disturbance cutting off from the jet stream’s flow Friday and stalling over the Mid-Atlantic through Saturday. This could put the kibosh on the sunshine we were expecting Saturday afternoon. Instead, it may remain mostly cloudy with showers.

Sunday will probably end up being the better of the two weekend days, but even then some early morning showers are possible and clearing may be slow.

Next week should mark a relative improvement compared to this week, but weather model suggest it remains unsettled. The jet stream should continue to zip through the region on most days, meaning considerable cloud cover and several opportunities for rain.

If you’re grumpy about this, you’re not alone.