(Reed Timmer/AccuWeather)

On Saturday, storm chasers converged on a dangerous but beautiful tornado in the town of Wray, Colo.

Famed chaser Reed Timmer got extra close to the vortex and captured the astonishing video above. He’s so close, you feel as if you can reach out and touch the swirling cloud of dust and debris while watching.

(Reed Timmer/AccuWeather.com)

Timmer occasionally angles the camera up toward the cloud, offering an intimidating vertical perspective of the towering funnel.

(Reed Timmer/AccuWeather.com)

No inexperienced storm chaser should ever get this close to such a dangerous storm, which was blamed for several injuries. And it’s debatable whether pros should even be so close.

USTornadoes.com notes that the geography of eastern Colorado lends itself to such violent storms. “Thanks to the elevation of the High Plains, plus the natural rising air which aids convection due to upslope flow as that elevation is gained, eastern Colorado is prime grounds for big stuff from little ingredients,” it says.

Below, find more spectacular views of this photogenic twister:

In motion

This tornado touched down in Wray, Colo., May 7. (Stringr)