Scarlet roses bloom along the Potomac River. (Joe Flood via Flickr)

We had a nice sunny day today. Despite the cool start and highs about 10 degrees below average, it still felt pretty good out there. Those temperatures in the mid-60s are probably as warm as we will see for a few days. Hope you soaked up some sun, as rain is on the way back.

Through Tonight: We stay rather clear through the evening, although you may notice high clouds streaming in, especially near sunset. Those clouds continue to thicken overnight as a storm system approaches. I think we’ll stay dry until close to sunrise, but some light rain may move in during the predawn hours. With cloud cover and some low level moisture streaming in, lows won’t be as chilly as last night’s. They mainly reach the mid-40s to near 50.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Just what we were looking for: A rainy day! Rain is in early, and it wants to linger for much or all of the daylight period. Rain is probably heaviest during the morning into early afternoon, then generally tapering heading into the evening. With all the rain and clouds, most spots are hard-pressed to get out of the 50s. A range from about 55 to 61 seems good. At least a half inch of rain may fall, and perhaps up to an inch in spots.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is HIGH at 139.3 grains/cubic meter. Grass pollen is MODERATE/HIGH. Mold spores are low/moderate, and weed pollen is low.

How much rain? As noted above, most spots in the local area will aim for between a half-inch and one inch of rain Tuesday. Here are a few modeling ideas, plus this morning’s outlook from the Weather Prediction Center. All images are for rainfall through 8 p.m. on Tuesday.





Weather Prediction Center