If you were out early this morning, you noticed there was still a fair amount of humidity in the air. By midday that all changed as dry winds blew in more comfortable dew points. The respite in humidity is rather short lived as we prepare for our next rounds of storminess heading into tomorrow. Enjoy this evening, though!

Through Tonight: Clouds are numerous this evening, and there could even be a few showers, especially south of town. Those clouds continue to thicken and lower overnight. Rain from the large severe weather event expected to unfold west of the mountains may begin streaming in as early as the pre-dawn hours. It’s likely we’ll see showers and storms into the morning as well. Some hefty winds are possible, although we don’t expect much in the way of truly severe weather — winds of 58 mph or greater — with this batch. Lows are in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

[Midwest, Ohio Valley brace for possible derecho. Will it reach the Mid-Atlantic?]

Tomorrow (Thursday): Rain and storms are likely ongoing for the commute, but they should tend to move south and east by midmorning or so. After that, clouds try to give way to more and more sun. Another round of storms is possible by afternoon and into evening. For now, I’d think odds of more severe weather are better as you head south in our area. Details are still to be determined, and we’ll have more on that tomorrow. Given the uncertainty about what morning convection does to the environment, there’s a fairly wide range of temperature possibilities tomorrow. Should the morning activity totally “mess things up,” partly by lasting into the early afternoon, highs are near 80 or into the low 80s. If not, temperatures head for the mid-80s to near 90.

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More storm clouds are likely on Thursday. (Joe Flood via Flickr)

Pollen update: Mold spores are HIGH/VERY HIGH. All other pollen types are low.