A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Hot and humid. A passing front brings a decrease in humidity late, plus maybe an isolated storm risk. (amended upward from a 3, partly due to late-day humidity decrease)


Today: Partly sunny. Isolated PM storm? Highs: Near 90 to mid-90s.
Tonight: Mostly clear, less humid. Lows: Upper 60s and low 70s.
Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Highs: 86-90.

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We’re staring down Day Five of this heat wave. It might be the last day before a break, just don’t bet on it too strongly because temperatures may remain near 90 in and around the city, even following this incursion of slightly cooler air that starts later today. It’s hard to even call what passes today a cold front, but it does bring the dew points down, which is a treat after too many days of near and above 70. That’s just gross by most accounts.

Today (Saturday): Another scorcher. One of those days when it feels hot as soon as the sun is shining. Some good news is that we eventually see dew points start to fall off as a cold front passes. This front seems to want to go by without huge impact, but it’s hard to totally rule out storms. Any could be strong or possibly briefly severe, with the best odds of that probably to the east of the city. The most likely timing of anything organized is from about early afternoon well west to late afternoon or early evening south and east. Other than that, partly sunny, with a shower possible in the morning from overnight activity to the west and a pop-up storm may remain through about sunset. Highs range from 90 to 95. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Drier air is filtering in on a pleasant northwest breeze as we get deeper into the evening. Add in mostly clear skies, and it’s a pretty nice one to spend outdoors. This is a continually drier air mass, but it’s hard to call it super dry as dew points stay near or above 60 which is noticeable. Some relief, either way! Lows reach the upper 60s and low 70s most spots. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Cooler than today, although I’d be careful calling it “cool.” Less hot might be a better way to describe things. Under mostly sunny skies, afternoon highs head for the upper 80s to near 90. Dew points are down to near or even below 60 by late day and into the night, which is noticeably more comfortable on the humidity scale. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: If you haven’t opened the windows in a while as the A/C hums away, this might be a night to do so. Mostly clear skies and lower humidity levels help temperatures fall into the 60s most spots. A range is about 61 to 70, coolest suburbs to the warmest spot downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

A steamy summer day at the Capitol. (Joe Flood via Flickr )


Monday and Tuesday are very similar to each other. The main difference might be increased humidity by Tuesday, and also a few more clouds on that day. Otherwise, it’s mostly sunny until it potentially becomes partly cloudy at some point on Tuesday. Highs are mainly in the mid- and upper 80s both days, which is basically average for this time of year. Confidence: Medium-High