Could you feel it? Mother nature gave us somewhat of a break today, with reduced temperatures and humidity aided by a persistent northwest wind. Unfortunately, our reprieve from oppressive humidity comes with a cost, in this case, some questionable weather for Saturday. Not ready to call it a washout, but clouds and storms may be difficult to shake later tomorrow. We clear out on Sunday and begin the slow and miserable climb back toward hot and humid conditions next week.

Through tonight: Not a bad Friday evening in the District, given the recent uncomfortable conditions. A weakening cold front will pass through the area without much fanfare around sunset. With a dry(ish) air mass in place, we don’t expect much if any precipitation in the immediate D.C./Baltimore area. A stray shower or two seems more plausible well south of the region. Mostly clear and warm overnight, though not as bad as the past few nights. Low temps will settle in the low- to mid-70s, with dew point values in the mid-60s. Light southwest breeze at 5 to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): The day figures to set up as a battle between cloud cover and sunshine, with latest model guidance suggesting that the clouds might be the ultimate winner as the afternoon wears on.

Our frontal system that passes through tonight will stall somewhere off the coast of the mid-Atlantic. We will likely see a rather sharp gradient in terms of cloud cover/thunderstorm chances vs. clear skies/drier conditions. By the afternoon, a disturbance will develop along the stalled boundary and act as a catalyst for scattered showers and storms.  Some isolated severe storms are not out of the question, especially to the south of the District. Otherwise, expect partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from 88 to 94 degrees. Humidity remains moderately high with dew point values in the upper 60s.  Light southwest wind at 5 to 10 mph.

Clearing out overnight with perhaps a remaining stray shower or two. Overnight temps in the low to mid-70s.

Sunday: High pressure to the rescue! Once again, Sunday will likely be the pick of the weekend. High pressure building in from the southwest allows for mostly sunny skies region-wide. The trade-off will be an increase in the humidity with dew point values creeping closer to the 70-degree mark. It will feel somewhat uncomfortable with temps in the low 90s, little sky cover and light winds. But hey, we are getting used to it at this point, right?

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