* Tropical storm watch for Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey beaches | Tropical storm warning North Carolina Outer Banks *

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of zero to 10.

9/10: A really amazing day. Just one point off because we do have to watch Hermine. Get outside and soak up September!


Today: Fairly sunny. Low humidity. Highs: 80-84.
Tonight: Increasing clouds. Lows: Mid-60s to about 70.
Tomorrow: Cloudy, breezy with showers. Highs: Mid-70s to 80s.
Sunday: Shower chance, breezy. Highs: 70s.


Enjoy today, definitely. But all eyes are turning southward toward Hermine. This hurricane could still be a tropical storm as its winds and rains potentially move up the East Coast this weekend. However, the trend of the storm track moving slightly more east could be our friend. Stay tuned as we watch its northward move. Just have Plan B options in your back pocket.

Today (Friday): Best calm before (potential) storm, ever. More sun than clouds, and finally some average high temperatures for this time of year — low 80s is a good general target, plus or minus — which we can really enjoy thanks to low humidity. Dew points in the 50s! North-northeasterly breezes refresh as they blow about 10 mph. High clouds may technically make the Nice Day stamp a false rating, but it will be close. It’s the nicest day in a while, so I’m going there. Confidence: Medium-high

Tonight: We may see some clearer skies, but it is gradually turning cloudier, especially as we near dawn. By that time, we should also experience our coolest temperatures of the night, low temperatures hitting the mid-60s in cool spots outside the Beltway, about 70 downtown. East-northeast breezes may blow 5-15 mph. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Hermine starts its closest approach. Skies should be largely overcast. Humidity slightly builds (dew points in the 60s), and east-northeasterly breezes could blow 10-20 mph. Hermine probably tracks far enough off the East Coast to spare the Interstate 95 corridor the storm’s worst. We could see a band or two of moderate rain in the Washington area, but a graze is more likely – meaning showery weather rather than a driving, wind-swept rain. High temperatures could be held back in the mid-70s if we get a bit more rain than the very modest amount expected. Should we stay nearly or fully dry, we could end up in the mid-80s with a few peeks of sunshine even. This would be possible if the track shifts further east. Confidence: Low-medium

Tomorrow night: Mix of clouds and stars is possible. But there is still a 50 percent chance of a moderate rain band or two, as well as a few gusty breezes. By just before dawn, the region should find itself mainly in the 60s, with upper 60s possible downtown. Confidence: Low-medium


Sunday: The worst of Hermine should be off to the northeast, but there are some signs that rain may try to back in from that direction at times as well. The farther out we are with Hermine, the less certainty. And this is pretty far out. One way or another, clouds seem likely, and so do strong breezes, probably still near 20 mph with higher gusts. High temperatures in the 70s are possible — let’s call it mid-to-upper 70s as it appears now. Confidence: Low-medium

Sunday night: This one could still be mostly cloudy, with a few showers (but diminishing). Winds are moderate at times, although they should die down as the night wears on. Low temperatures in the 60s look likely region-wide. If Hermine heads more eastward from its projected track, we could be slightly cooler, drier and less windy. Confidence: Low

It’s warm with slowly decreasing winds behind Hermine during Labor Day and into Tuesday. Clouds should be fewer and fewer with warm mid-to-upper 80s increasingly likely. This assumes the storm pulls away fully and does not slow or veer more toward the west. Dew points could remain tolerable, in the low-to-mid 60s, but we’ll keep you updated on small forecast tweaks as we get closer. Confidence: Low-medium