Today’s temperatures were chillier than they’ve been since May. The whole region got stuck in the low to mid-60s. Thick clouds, a wind off the ocean and plenty of drizzle overwhelmed those weakening fall sun rays. Even though we needed the wet weather, I know plenty are close to having enough of these conditions. We’ve got more cloudiness — and some shower chance — rolling into the weekend. But it’ll all ease with time.

Through Tonight: More of the same from today. That means drizzle is likely, at least in spots, when it’s not raining. Rain odds go up a bit as well as showers to the south work their way toward us. It doesn’t look like prolonged heavy rain, but there could be brief moderate to heavy showers. Once we get toward morning, that risk should wane as well, but fog and drizzle remain possible. Lows are near 60 and into the low 60s. Winds blow from the northeast around 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): The best chance for showers may come early in the day, or that activity could already be pretty much done. I think most of the day is rain free, and probably less drizzly than today, too. The best odds for drizzle are before noon. We might even see some clearing near and after lunch. I wouldn’t really bet on much of that, though. A few late-day showers may also pop up. Afternoon temperatures should make the mid-70s or so. Perhaps higher if we see sustained sunshine. Winds shift more toward the east, maybe southeast, around 10 mph.

Sunday: Coming off morning temperatures mainly in the upper 50s and lower 60s, some patchy fog and drizzle is possible early. Clouds should remain numerous into the morning, but we have a better chance of seeing real clearing with time compared with recent days. I think we end up at least partly cloudy in the afternoon. There could be a passing shower, but nothing substantial. High temperatures top out somewhere around the upper 70s to near 80.

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Japanese garden at Hillwood Estate in the District. (Shamila Chaudhary via Flickr)

Pollen update: Today’s pollen count was washed out because of rain.

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