As Hurricane Matthew churns to our south, winds that have continued to blow off the ocean are keeping clouds in place in D.C. and southward. If it were just the cold front, this would probably be a fairly benign event. But, Matthew is injecting moisture into it. As is, it shouldn’t be extreme, but we’ll run the risk for some heavier rain off and on, especially south of the city.

Through tonight: It’s variably cloudy this evening but trending cloudier tonight. Rain chances increase through the night as a cold front approaches and meets with moisture that Matthew is helping to draw into the region. We should remain dry — a sprinkle is possible — through midnight. Even after midnight, it looks as though it’ll take a few hours for rain to break out across the region. It could be close to dawn in the end. Lows are mainly near 60 and into the low 60s. Winds are from the northeast around 5 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Showers (it might be better described as a steady rain for the first half of the day) are likely in the morning, and that risk continues through at least afternoon before it tends to taper off. We’ll run a chance of rain for much of the daylight hours as is, although we’ll keep fingers crossed that most of it does come during the first half of the day. The steadiest rain should be tending to taper by Game 2 for the Nats, but a delay is possible. The heaviest rain is likely to end up south of the area, and it might taper to “not a whole lot” just north. Highs are mainly in the 60s, perhaps only mid-60s if the rain is steady enough. Winds are from the northeast around 5 mph.

Sunday: The front is through the area for Sunday, but just barely. It might not be far enough to get us a lot of sunshine. And it’s possible that rain risks will remain, particularly in southeast parts of the area and especially to the southeast of that. For now, it’s hard to not lean toward mainly or fully dry in the city and north or west, but that’s subject to change. We could even see the sun come out, especially late in the day, if we’re fortunate. Highs are within a few degrees of 70.

Monday: It’s starting to feel like deep fall as sunny skies can muster temperatures near 60 and into the low 60s. This might be off lows in the 40s in the city, and we could see our first 30s of the season in western suburbs by Monday night.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are MODERATE/HIGH. Other allergens are low.

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Saturday rain: There’s some debate among models as to how much rain we see tomorrow. But in these situations, it’s hard not to lean toward the event trying to perform. This is partly thanks to tropical moisture infused by Matthew.

The American Global Forecast System model is showing relatively light amounts despite a chance of rain most of the day.

A higher resolution model, the North American Mesoscale, has higher amounts into the area.

The European model, not shown, has higher amounts over most of the area. At least half an inch most spots. It trails off to the north, but not as sharply.

One thing with all . . . They keep the very heaviest to the south where the front will get locked in closed to Matthew. Spots in the Carolinas are likely to experience flooding. Here, we could see briefly heavy rain, but it shouldn’t be too detrimental.