*Wind advisory in effect until 6 p.m.*

Fall weather is here to stay. Shamila Chaundhary via Flickr.

Goodness, it has been windy today. We could blame Hurricane Matthew (or really what’s left of Matthew), but it’s really not all his fault. A tight pressure gradient between the departing storm formally known as Matthew and a building ridge of high pressure is the cause of those gusty winds this afternoon. Winds will slowly back off by tomorrow afternoon, giving us a nice day to round out the holiday weekend.

Through Tonight: Winds from the north will continue to be noticeable at 10 to 20 mph and some gusts of 20+ mph, especially toward the bay and Eastern Shore. Besides the wind, the cool temperatures will be the other story tonight. Widespread readings in the 40s are expected for the entire DMV, including the metro locations. Clear and breezy with lows ranging from 42 to 48 degrees in the greater D.C.-Baltimore area. Some isolated 30-degree readings in the far north and western suburbs are not out of the question. Winds should generally lighten overnight with less frequent gusts of 20 mph or greater.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Columbus Day): A bright and sunny holiday for the Mid-Atlantic. Winds will continue to be breezy from the north at 10 to 15 mph (with some higher gusts), though I think tomorrow won’t be as windy as this afternoon. It will most certainly be “jacket” weather, though, with temperatures topping out right around 60 degrees. Winds should finally calm down by tomorrow night, which may pave the way for some even colder temperature readings, given the clear skies and cool air mass overhead.

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Matthew’s final tally: Take a look for yourselves. The rain totals were beyond impressive, especially in the Carolinas. And it wasn’t just the rain totals that made Matthew historic. Along the way, he also broke some other noteworthy records. The Southeast will be feeling the effects of this one for a while.

Estimated rainfall from Hurricane Matthew. Via NOAA.

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