Boo at the Zoo. (Shamila Chaudhary via Flickr)

Other than high clouds, it was a brilliant fall day out there. Temperatures returned to the cool side of normal, which is hard to grumble about given how warm it was this weekend. If you’re already missing the warmth, there’s more on the way as well. We just have to get through a somewhat imperfect Tuesday.

Through Tonight: Skies remain rather clear through the evening, other than some high cloudiness. Temperatures are mostly in the mid-and-upper 50s just after sunset and they fall to the near 50 to mid-50s range by 8 or 9 p.m. With a light wind from the north, it definitely calls for a little layering while trick-or-treating. We should see clouds tend to increase after midnight and before dawn, though. Lows fall to the upper 30s in the coldest suburbs, ranging to the mid-40s in the always-warm downtown area.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): It’s rather cloudy in the morning. Actually, clouds may tend to win out on the whole. Even a few sprinkles or quick showers are possible, especially during the first half of the day. Temperatures strive for around 60, but if clouds are numerous and there’s some rain around, 50s might be more likely.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are LOW/MODERATE. Other allergens are low.

Warming back up: As you might have read earlier, we’re expecting November to be half warm and half chilly, more or less. We’ve got another big warm up coming in the days ahead. After that, it seems temperatures may try to cool off overall. Although, in 10 days 60 is above normal.


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