D.C.’s Fox, CBS and NBC television affiliates have unveiled their winter outlooks, and taken together, they should make cold and snow lovers pretty happy.

Two of three favor above-normal snow, and all three predict colder-than-normal conditions.

On Oct. 26, FOX 5 was the first affiliate to release its outlook.

It calls for a colder winter than last year, and slightly above-normal snow. Average snow in the District is around 15 inches and closer to 20 inches toward Dulles. The FOX 5 forecast is for 16 to 24 inches of snow across the region.

“Generally speaking, we expect something in between the winters of 2013-2014 (32 inches of snow) and 2014-2015 (18.3 inches of snow),” its outlook says. “We anticipate a greater number of snow events in the region than last winter, but also anticipate the winter storms will lack the abundant moisture available for storms during the strong El Niño winter of last year.”

WUSA9 rolled out its outlook on Nov. 8 and predicts tamer conditions compared to FOX 5. “Weak La Niña’s more often than not mean colder than average winters, but below average snowfall because of few or no coastal storms,” wrote WUSA9 chief meteorologist Topper Shutt.

Shutt is calling for 10 to 15 inches of snow in the immediate metro region, which is on the low side of average.

The most recent outlook was shared by NBC4 chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer on Thursday night.

Kammerer’s outlook closely resemble’s FOX 5’s as he predicts 14 to 20 inches in the immediate D.C. area. “We still expect snow, but I am not predicting another blizzard this year,” Kammerer said. “I believe we’ll have average or slightly above average snowfall.”

Like FOX 5 and WUSA9, Kammerer favors colder-than-normal conditions. “Putting everything together, I see a colder-than-average winter, with December and January being very cold,” he said.

Of media forecast outlets in the D.C. area, Kammerer had the most accurate one last winter, as he was the only meteorologist to predict above-normal snowfall. This year, FOX 5 has joined him with a somewhat bullish snow prediction.

Two D.C. area forecast outlets have yet to release their outlooks this winter: ABC7 and, of course, the Capital Weather Gang. We plan to release our outlook on Tuesday.