I would absolutely hate to be the driver of one of these cars, but it’s hard not to laugh at the scene that unfolded on a Montreal street Monday. “Hilariously unfortunate,” maybe.

Cars, buses, police cruisers and (oh, the irony) snow plows careened slow-motion down the slightly inclined street. I don’t imagine a lot of work got done on this block — everyone was too busy watching and filming.  No serious injuries were reported according to the CBC.

After some time, and many crunched fenders, officials decided to block off the street. But even the police cruiser that was there to prevent more accidents ended up sliding down the ramp.

Colin Creado was watching the scene when a snow plow collided with the police cruiser. The police officers were able to get of the car before the plow hit, he told the CBC. “I could see the cop car literally jump in the air. It was pretty powerful,” he said.

And apparently, un-preparedness isn’t just a problem in D.C. — our winter-savvy neighbors to the north were struck by a bit of complacency or confusion yesterday. Residents didn’t understand why this even happened in the first place, the CBC reported:

Creado said even he didn’t expect the roads to be so slippery, and he was on foot.
But he said today’s snow was forecast so he doesn’t understand how this happened.
“You would have thought … they would have salted the area or at least cordoned it off, because that road is pretty steep,” he said.
The City of Montreal wasn’t immediately available for comment.