The Mall near sunset. (Shamila Chaudhary via Flickr)

After this morning’s snow squall excitement, we’ve seen a few more snowflakes blow by this afternoon. Highs reached the low-to-mid-40s, or a little below normal. It’s a one-day wintry chill as temperatures return to above normal tomorrow. We’ll see much the same through New Year’s Day, then increased chances for some rain.

Through Tonight: Any flurries or quick snow showers come to an end as the evening wears on. Winds should wane substantially after dark. They won’t entirely disappear, but it’ll be less of an issue with time. Given weakening winds and a chilly air mass, temperatures have no trouble falling below freezing. Lows end up ranging across the 20s for much of the area to near 30 in the city. Winds decrease to around 5 mph, down from 10 to 15 in the evening.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

New Year’s Eve (Saturday): It’s a decent day to be out and about as partly-to-mostly sunny skies grace the area. Even better, temperatures aren’t too chilly. We will still be dealing with some gusty breezes, though. Highs that reach the mid-40s to near 50 feel cooler at times. Those winds are out of the north and northwest around 15 mph at peak, which means some gusts to around 25 mph or so.

Clouds increase by evening and skies are cloudier overnight. There could be a brief sprinkle, but nothing substantial is expected to fall from the clouds. It’s quite agreeable overall for any New Year festivities. Midnight readings are in the mid-30s to low-40s, and lows range across the 30s.

New Year’s Day (Sunday): Clouds may bookend the day, but I think a good chunk of this one ends up at least partly sunny. Winds are lighter as well. Add in temperatures making the upper-40s to lower-50s, and it’s a good one to get outside and take a long walk. Get those resolutions off to a good start!

Monday: Our second long weekend in a row finishes on a less favorable note. It won’t be a washout, but we could see rain on and off much of the day after some showers move in overnight. And when I say “rain,” it’s probably more like showers and drizzle. Any breaks in the clouds are probably limited, as highs rise to near 50.

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