When Donald Trump puts his hand on the bible and takes the oath of office Friday, the 44th president of the United States will be off the hook. And, instead of spending the following days in chilly, rainy Washington or snowy Chicago, Barack Obama and his family plan to escape to warm, summerlike Palm Springs, Calif.

Except it won’t be that summerlike. In fact, when the former first family steps off the plane in Southern California, they probably won’t even notice a difference.

The region is enduring another blast of winter weather during what has been a fairly extreme January.

Winter returns “with a vengeance” later this week the National Weather Service in San Diego wrote. From Thursday to Sunday, “frontal passages will be quite noticeable, as they should stay strong with a good burst of rain as they drive through, along with strong winds.”

The Weather Service even went as far as to issue a special outlook for the persistent heavy rain with the potential for flash flooding:

High pressure looks as if it will break up the precipitation in Southern California sometime next week, but the overall pattern has been stormy. I suggest the soon-to-be-former president get in his golf as soon as the sun comes out and prepare for wild swings in the forecast.

The Los Angeles Times outlined the family’s plan:

The Obamas will travel to Palm Springs on Friday following the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, the White House confirmed Tuesday. As is custom, the outgoing president is afforded one final trip aboard the presidential aircraft, called Air Force One when the officeholder is aboard.
After Trump’s swearing-in, Obama will depart from the Capitol aboard the presidential helicopter, known as Marine One when carrying the chief executive, en route to Joint Base Andrews, where he will make remarks to staff before heading across the country.