The same storm that on Sunday dropped a few inches of snow on the D.C. region is going to turn into a monster Atlantic gale by Wednesday. (

A monster winter storm is taking shape along the East Coast this week, and the National Weather Service is calling for 50-foot waves in the Atlantic by Tuesday. That’s not just a shot-in-the-dark — if you add up all of the forecast data, there’s over a 90 percent chance that wave heights will exceed 30 feet.

This storm is the same trough of low pressure that dipped into the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday and dropped a few inches of snow in the D.C. area. On Monday morning, the storm was just 1005 millibars — barely a low pressure system at all. But over the next 48 hours, the storm is expected to drop to 968 millibars.

Wednesday forecast. (OPC/NWS)

On its southern side, winds will easily reach Category 1 hurricane-strength. That will churn up waves of 16 meters, which is around 50 feet — at least that’s what the Ocean Prediction Center is forecasting. They’re calling the storm “extremely dangerous low pressure.”

This is going to be an epic storm to watch on satellite.

The odds of wave heights reaching at least 30 feet. Bright red is greater than 90 percent. (OPC/NWS)

Wave forecast. (OPC/NWS)