Leaf fight during a rally in front of the White House. (Shamila Chaudhary via Flickr)

We ended the month much like we spent it, on the warm side. Final tallies still need to be made, but it looks like D.C. finishes right around six degrees above average for January. That might explain the lack of meaningful snow. And while we’ve got plenty of clouds in the forecast, there are also above-normal temperatures to kick off February, as well.

Through Tonight: Clouds are generally on the increase through the night. They may remain mostly high-level, though. Low temperatures range across the 30s, with many outlying spots near freezing and temperatures flirting with 40 in the warmest locations downtown. Breezes blow out of the southwest around 5 to 10 mph.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): The speedy jet stream that has become a norm of winter 2016-2017 is still doing its thing. That means there’s never a huge gap between little waves in the atmosphere. As such, we have fairly cloudy skies. There’s even a risk of a sprinkle or brief light shower, perhaps with the best odds in the morning and again later in the day. Highs are between 50 and the mid-50s.

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Cool pics of Earth: While the new GOES16 starts to get itself up to speed, NOAA satellites shared amazing imagery from its cousin, Japan’s Himawari-8. The top 10 of 2016 — it’s worth a click.

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